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Breaking Rust Breaking Rust

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I was gradually impressed more and more by the animations, and by the end, when there was lightning crackling all over the place, and then they dived at each other and created those opposing explosions, I was like "wow, this is effing awesome."

And though your message doesn't seem to be present at all in the movie itself, it's still a great thing to read in the description. Congratulations on reaching such a goal, and making something so technically impressive!

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Stainville Episode 1 Stainville Episode 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


That was great!

So many videos/games on newgrounds are given 10's all the time and they are crap. I don't think this thing is a 10, but it definitely deserves high scores. Really funny.

Pencilmation #16 Pencilmation #16

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

great animation, 100 year old sense of humor

I think you were going for an old-timey style, but all the jokes were total 1950's slapstick. There's a reason no one watches Tom and Jerry cartoons anymore. Most people dont laugh at that stuff anymore.

If you think it's funny, that's great.

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StarFire-Bassline StarFire-Bassline

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Forget these haters, and for the love of god don't add "achievements and unlockables" as that one guy suggested. I see kinda where you're going here and think it's really cool direction.

Here's my criticism: It seems like there is currently no "right" or "wrong". Personally I would like to get some feedback on whether or not I'm hitting the buttons at the right time. Even if you dont think there is a "right" time, I assumed that I was supposed to be keeping the lyrics in sync with the singer.

Second, if I ever fell really badly behind, I had to mash the space button to get my lyrics back up to speed with where the song was, that was kind of odd and jarring.

Also, it wasn't clear to me how many times I was going to have to press SPACE for one of the long words, like "diamonds" in Rihannas song. I kept pressing it the wrong number of times. Maybe add some kind of visual indication of how many times the person is going to have to press SPACE for the word.

But overall I enjoyed it and think it could be really cool.

ReDecKon responds:

Very useful review.
Game focuses on trial and error, and yes i'm working on an "auto bump". And the game aspect will be added after i start charting some music. So hang in there..

And some advice, if you alternate between space and click you are able to bump the lyrics considerably faster.

Alphaland Alphaland

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very cool.

Hey Jonas,

I liked your game a lot. I didn't get any "message" from it, but the exploration gameplay and subtle puzzles kept me engaged till the end. It's cool how exciting a simple change of color palette can be when colors are so restricted. You definitely explored multiple interesting elements of design here.

My one suggestion would be to experiment with different text being displayed in the game. The "i'm awake", "what will I become" theme definitely set an atmosphere, but I wonder how you could change the feeling of the game just be changing what was in those text boxes. Do you think you could give the game more of a Portal feeling if the lines were like the maze sinisterly talking to you ala GladOS? Or something else.

Anyways, I doubt you actually intended to get a message across, but were more just trying to illicit a specific feeling with the dialogue you chose, and I'd say it worked. But it'd be cool to try experimenting with other stuff.

Evilbots Evilbots

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Needs sound

Hey, nice job creating a solid engine. I would definitely consider adding just 2 things. First, some background music. It's so quiet. Background music helps keep the player excited and feeling good. Second, a noise for when I fire my gun, not just when it hits something. That will make firing the gun feel better. It's also just something us gamers have come to expect.

Think about it.